Monthly Archives: February 2016


Happy New Year to everyone from Dr. Sandi Rosely! During the past few months resolutions for 2016 have been pondered and for Avonlea and Hollybank a revised website has won out. Our new website will be updated regularly with information provided by our staff. The posting will help you to get to know us a […]

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What is Separation Anxiety?

In short, it is a condition in which dogs suffer from anxiety when left alone. One out of every six dogs may suffer from canine separation anxiety. It can be seen in young dogs who do not adapt to being separated from their owners. Dogs who suffer from other anxiety disorders such as noise phobias/thunderstorm […]

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Pets and Drowning

Summer and its hot weather have arrived with a vengeance. For many of us, this means heading up to the cottage, hanging out at a pool or going for lazy walks along the many shaded waterways. The cool water is a welcome relief from the heat, but we must remember that water safety is a […]

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