Wellness Screening – What is it and why is it important?

Wellness Screening – What is it and why is it important?

Spring is on the way – at least I hope so after the snowy and rainy weather we have endured in the early weeks of April!  This means that we need to start thinking about yearly wellness and parasite screening for our pets.

What is wellness screening?

Wellness screening provides us with an overall look at your pet’s internal organ function and health. This can involve collecting blood, urine and fecal samples from your pet for evaluation at the lab.

What does wellness screening check for?

There are various wellness screening options available for your pet.  Our veterinarians will make a recommendation for your pet based on their stage of life and health evaluation.

  1. Blood samples allow us to evaluate your pet’s blood cells, blood sugar, kidneys, liver, blood proteins, electrolytes, pancreas, thyroid hormones, heartworm and tick-borne disease infections.
  2. Urine samples allow us to evaluate your pet’s kidneys, liver and bladder.  It also allows us to assess for signs of infection, inflammation, crystals, and other abnormalities – like sugar or protein in the urine.
  3. Fecal samples allow us to evaluate your pet for any underlying infection with various intestinal parasites.

Why is wellness screening important?

  • Our pets have an amazing ability to hide signs of illness.
  • Annual physical examinations and wellness testing are excellent diagnostic tools that aid in monitoring your pets overall health.
  • Identifying organ changes early and trending changes over time allows us to intervene and slow down the disease progression which can extend your pet’s life.
  • Normal test results are always the best news and they provide us with a valuable baseline! The baseline results are a great reference for comparison of additional tests performed, especially with respect to test performed during times of illness.

Give us a call at the clinic or send us an e-mail anytime to set up a consultation for your pet!

Dr. Kate Harrison, DVM

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COVID-19 Message to our Clients

To Our Valued Clients,

Our top priority is to provide exceptional care to our patients while safeguarding our staff and our community.  We continue to maintain our regular business hours and we are available to see you and your pets for essential veterinary health care services.

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and want to notify you of changes we are making at for the welfare of our staff, clients and patients. We have taken great care to implement safeguards to help reduce the spread of this virus.

Amended Procedures:

  • The doors to the hospital will be closed to the public
  • Visitors to the hospital must remain outside the hospital. This includes walk-ins, appointments and food/prescription purchases.
  • We will not be performing fit-n-fury, birthday exams, nail trims, routine dentals and non-essential surgeries until further advised.
  • We will no longer accept cash or in-person payment.




  • A copy of our admittance and discharge instructions and patient history forms will be sent to you prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Please remain in your vehicle and call us when you arrive in the parking lot.
  • We will assess your Covid-19 risk using the "patient screening pathway”.
  • When we are ready, we will motion for you to bring your pet from your vehicle to the clinic door. All dogs must be on leash and cats must be in carriers.
  • The veterinarian will call at the end of the examination or video conference you during the examination to discuss examination findings and recommendations.


  • You will be emailed a copy of the invoice including home notes.
  • Payment will be taken over the phone, via Interac e-Transfer, or online.
  • Any medication or items to be picked up will be given in a plastic bag at the time of discharge.
  • We will call you when we are ready for discharge at which time you will collect your pet outside of the clinic.

Food, inventory and medication pickup:

  • All items can be ordered over the phone or purchased using our online shop https://shop.avonleaanimalhospital.ca
  • For pickup, we will bring the items to you outside the clinic.

Product availability:

We have been in constant contact with the suppliers and manufacturers responsible for ensuring our hospitals have sufficient supply of veterinary diets and over the counter products, and we do not anticipate any disruption to this supply. However, instances of buying large quantities of these products have strained the supply chain. We respectfully request that our clients limit their purchases of these products to immediate need plus one month’s supply to ensure all clients and patients have access to these products.

Our goal is to keep our essential services available to the communities we serve and to be there for you and your pets. Thank you for your cooperation and for doing your part in helping to keep pets and people safe. Please do not hesitate to call with questions. We anticipate our phone lines will be busier than usual and we thank you in advance for your patience!

Our new hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday: 9a-7p
  • Tuesday: 9a-7p
  • Wednesday: 9a-7p
  • Thursday: 9a-7p
  • Friday: 9a-7p
  • Saturday: 9a-3p
  • Sunday: closed

Call us if you have questions or need to schedule an appointment.